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Frankfort Pastoral Counseling is a regional office of the St. Matthews Pastoral Counseling Center, Inc., an independent not-for-profit professional counseling service: Glenn D. Williams, Jr., Director.
FPC services clients in Frankfort and the surrounding towns of Georgetown, Lawrenceburg, Midway, Owenton, Shelbyville and Versailles. FPC is a ministry to the community and is supported by local churches/ ministries but is not a program of a single church or denomination.
Volunteer support as well as financial donations to our scholarship and expense fund help us keep our commitment to make counseling available to those who need it.
If you are interested in making a donation or want to learn more about FPC, contact Dr. James Stillwell at (859) 940-3241 or fjstillwell@frankfortpastoralcounseling.com.
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